Willie Thorne

Willie Thorne

A former professional snooker player and World Seniors champion, Willie Thorne is one of snooker's most charismatic individuals, and his love for the game adds that extra sparkle to the in-depth knowledge that informs his TV commentaries. His bald head makes him instantly recognisable and he is often referred to as the Homer Simpson Of Snooker!

Willie became a British under-16 snooker champion in 1970, leading to a professional career that saw him reach the quarter-finals of the World Snooker Championship by 1982. By the mid-1980s, he was ranked number seven in the world; he maintained his position as one of the top 16 players for over a decade, with fourteen tournament victories. Willie's notable wins include Pontins Professional (1984), The Classic (1985), Hong Kong Masters (1986), Matchroom Professional (1986), Kent Cup (1987), New Zealand Masters (1989) and World Seniors Masters (2000).

Since then Willie has become a popular TV commentator on the game, for both the BBC and Sky Sports, as well as BBC Wales (for the Welsh Open). In addition, he has appeared on numerous other TV programmes, including Strictly Come Dancing.

Alongside other snooker professionals, Willie was featured in the popular song Snooker Loopy, written and performed by Chas & Dave.

Today, Willie Thorne is one of the UK's leading After-dinner Speakers, Awards Hosts, Auctioneers, MCs and all-round entertainers at Sports Days and a variety of Corporate Functions, bringing comedy and professionalism to every event. To book him for your Event, contact Prime Performers for more information, either through our online booking enquiry form or by calling us on 020 7251 8222.


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