Toby Moody

Toby Moody

Toby Moody is a motor racing journalist who has a passion for everything in life.

Channelling this energy and enthusiasm into a motor racing commentary has made Toby one of the most recognised faces and voices in motor sport circles.

His knowledge of motor sport, whether MotoGP, X Games or any four wheelers, is second to none and his unwavering dedication to accuracy allows him to give breaking news the credence it deserves.

Focussed or serious, light-hearted or comical, Toby’s character and commentary adapts  to ever-changing situations, but the one thing that never falters is his underlying professionalism.

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  • Many other commentators start good and then drop off, but you remained at the same level for all of the years we’ve been together, always at the top. Thank you so very much.

    Valentino Rossi

  • Toby, you have filled me with excitement and anticipation every time I switched on the TV or visited the track to watch MotoGP. Your knowledge is very impressive, but your energy and enthusiasm is unquestionably what makes the race. A true professional.

    Allan McNish