Sir Trevor McDonald

Sir Trevor McDonald


Sir Trevor McDonald is a much admired and revered newsreader and journalist, both amongst his peers and as a familiar face on British TV screens for over 30 years. Best known as an anchor man on ITV News, Trevor has also travelled the world conducting interviews with important world figures, including Colonel Gaddafi, Yasser Arafat, Tony Blair, and both Bill and Hilary Clinton.


Sir Trevor has also hosted a number of top documentary series for ITV, including The Secret Caribbean, The Secret Mediterranean, The Mighty Mississippi, Inside Death Row, The Mafia, and Las Vegas.


Joining ITN in 1973 as a general reporter, his first major assignment was in Northern Ireland, where he covered the Province's sectarian troubles for more than a decade. Sir Trevor has also reported from Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg on negotiations concerning Britain's membership of the then Common Market - now the EU.


Sir Trevor continued to report on politics, and also sports, travelling to Argentina, Australia and the West Indies before becoming Diplomatic Correspondent and Presenter of Channel Four News in 1982. This took him to many countries: Egypt, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, India, Pakistan, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, the USA, the former Soviet Union and Hong Kong.


Knighted in 1999 for his services to journalism, Sir Trevor MacDonald’s exulted status as a leading news correspondent and TV presenter, coupled with his charming disposition, make him the perfect choice for a wide range of Events, including Awards Hosting, Personal Appearances and After-dinner Speaking.


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