Simon Moores

Dr Simon Moores

Simon is the Managing Director of Zentelligence (Research) Ltd, and a Vice Chairman of the Conservative Technology Forum, A technology futurist, he lectures, writes, and consults on emerging trends and technologies shaping the future of business. An international keynote conference speaker he is the Chair of the annual international eCrime Congress.

A former government ‘technology ambassador’ Simon is the co-author of the Conservative Party’s ‘Digital Plan for Britain,’ and is a director of the centre-right open market policy think tank, Aediles. He advises government, business and media on the evolution, development and application of eGovernment, internet-related technologies and their impact. He is also an expert on the trends and technology of politics, social media, e-crime and security, online government, and aviation.

Simon’s impressive breadth of knowledge spans from the IT and infrastructure side of technology to the rapidly developing areas of online, social and cloud computing. He covers the ‘nuts and bolts’ of acquiring, sorting and storing ever increasing amounts of data through to disruptive technologies and business strategies to deal with them.

Simon works closely within Westminster on information security issues, and is also a member of the Information Communication Technology Policy Group, advising members of the European Parliament.

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