Pen Hadow

Pen Hadow

Pen achieved international recognition when he became the first person to complete one of the last great Polar challenges - to travel on foot and alone, without re-supply, from Canada to the North Geographic Pole. This feat - which he achieved in 64 days in 2003, starting from Ward Hunt Island in Canada and pulling a 265 kg sledge - is thought by some to be harder than climbing Everest solo and without oxygen.

After achieving this substantial feat, Pen then partnered with Simon Murray for a 1,200 km trek to the Geographic South Pole. The trek started in December 2003 at the entrance to Hercules Inlet on the Zumberge Coast, Antarctica and was completed on reaching the South Pole on 28 January 2004.The expedition raised $450,000 for the Royal Geographical Society (London).

Following other treks and expeditions, Pen founded a specialist environmental sponsorship organisation called Geo Mission Ltd. The companyorganises scientific research programmes, addressing major environmental issues and arranging the sponsorship funding and public communication of the programmes through partnerships with business and brands committed to environmental responsibility.

Pen has an authoritative presence, though it is one that is combined with an apparent relaxed approach. Even so, set against the scale of what he has achieved, when Pen talks, his audiences are unusually receptive. Indeed, his modesty, openness and humour encourage men and women of every age and background to empathise with his achievements, and take on-board the insights and ideas he sets out in his inspirational Motivational Speeches.

Pen is also uniquely placed to bring to immediate and visual life the impact that global warming is making on the Poles. He speaks with in-depth knowledge as well as first hand experience of the changes in wildlife and the thinning of the ice cap that he has observed, illustrating his talks with the only footage in the world of a human actually swimming through melting icebergs, and discussing the many serious geo-political implications of the disappearance of the ice cap.

Pen is a fascinating After-dinner and Motivational Speaker, especially at events that encompass science, nature and/or the environment. To book him for your Event, contact Prime Performers now using our online booking enquiry form or alternatively call 020 7251 8222.