Paul Sinha

Paul Sinha

Of Indian descent, Paul Sinha is an English comedian, broadcaster and popular quiz player, probably best known for being a 'Chaser' on the ITV game show The Chase, typically sporting a white suit.

In fact, Paul is an international stand-up comic of many years standing, having performed in major comedy clubs in the UK, as well as China, Auckland, Singapore, the Middle East, South Africa, The Netherlands and Germany. He began performing stand-up while working as a Junior Doctor in hospitals in London and King's Lynn. After several years of combining touring with his medical career, his breakthrough came with his second solo Edinburgh show, Saint Or Sinha?, which earned him an If.Comeddie Nomination in 2006.

As well as being in demand on TV comedy shows, such as Edinburgh And Beyond, World Stands Up, Comedy Shuffle and Comedy Cuts, Paul has also appeared on TV quizzes, including University Challenge: The Professionals, Mastermind, Brain Of Britain, The Weakest Link and Are You an Egghead? (as well as the aforementioned The Chase). He is ranked 10th in the National Quiz Rankings and 14th in the World Quizzing Championships (as of 2016).

In addition, Paul has guested/performed on a number of BBC Radio 4 shows, including The News Quiz, Just A Minute, The Now Show, Loose Ends, 28 Acts In 28 Minutes, Shappi Talk, Paul Sinha's Quiz Culture, The Sinha Test, The Sinha Games and Paul Sinha's History Revision - the second series of the latter, broadcast in May 2016, won him the Rose d'Or for Radio Comedy. His interest in football and cricket has also led to appearances on BBC Radio 5 Live, most notably on the station's Fighting Talk show.

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