Paddy O'Connell

Paddy O'Connell

Paddy O’Connell is a national and international broadcaster whose innovative style has led him into some of the most varied projects on radio and TV. From Wall Street and 9/11 to the Eurovision Song Contest, Paddy has defied the conventional roles.

On Radio, he hosts BBC Radio Four’s Sunday morning programme Broadcasting House, and on TV his programme Weekend World is seen weekly on BBC World News by 175 million viewers. He is also a regular stand-in on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2.

He’s the London correspondent for US Public Radio programmes, The Takeaway and “The World,” and has lived and worked in the USA extensively. He was an intern during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, and was in New York as a Wall Street Anchor during the attacks of 9/11.

Paddy is also well-known as the host of many public events, from monthly public “Question Time” events in London, to informal briefings for visiting Americans hitting the theatre scene. He has a long list of appearances and meetings to add to his unusual mix of interests. He is well-known to the London journalist hub the Frontline Club, hosting monthly events there. Paddy has also hosted Eurovision events in London and Oslo, and chaired events from Ohio to Singapore.

As well as being a fantastic host for an array of corporate events, Paddy is a witty and erudite after dinner speaker recounting tales of his time in the US, presenting the weird and wonderful Eurovision Song Contest, how to ‘fix’ football, and insights into the life of a broadcaster and journalist.

Paddy is also involved in charitable work providing pro-bono work across a wide spectrum, from Prison Radio to school mentoring, and is a regular volunteer in the field of community projects.

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