Matthew D'Ancona

Matthew D'Ancona

Writer and broadcaster Matthew d'Ancona is a leading journalist whose widely-read columns on current affairs are both informative and entertaining.

Matthew's outstanding skill and aptitude as a journalist led to his becoming Assistant Editor of The Times at the age of just 26. He then progressed to become Deputy Editor on The Sunday Telegraph, before succeeding Boris Johnson at the helm of The Spectator (2006-2009). Under his editorship, the Spectator achieved record circulation figures and he transformed its online presence: its Coffee House blog is now a 'must-read' in Westminster. Matthew subsequently became a freelance journalist, and currently writes a weekly column for The Guardian, GQ magazine and the International edition of the New York Times. He is also a regular presenter on BBC Radio 4's Week in Westminster.

Matthew's prowess as a columnist was recognised by the British Society of Magazine Editors Awards in 2007, when he was named Current Affairs Magazine Editor of the Year.

Matthew is also the co-author of two books on early Christian theology, The Jesus Papyrus and The Quest for the True Cross. He has also written three novels, Going East, Tabatha's Code and Nothing to Fear.

Matthew is an engaging and highly informative Conference and After-dinner speaker on politics and current affairs. To book him, contact Prime Performers via the online booking enquiry form or alternatively call 020 7251 8222 for further information.