Laura Kuenssberg

Laura Kuenssberg

Laura Kuenssberg is a Scottish journalist, who in July 2015 was appointed as the Political Editor of the BBC News Channel, the first woman to hold the position, in succession to Nick Robinson.

Before joining the BBC in 2000, Laura worked in local radio. Once at the BBC, she soon gravitated towards Westminster, reporting on the political scene for a wide range of BBC programmes for over seven years, including the 10 O'Clock News, Today and Newsnight, ultimately becoming Chief Political Correspondent for the BBC News Channel. In this role, Laura reported for BBC One bulletins, The Daily Politics Show and the BBC News Channel itself. In fact, her presence was so ubiquitous in the period between the 2010 general election and the formation of a coalition government under David Cameron that journalist David Aaronovitch coined the term "Kuenssbergovision."!!

In 2011, she left the BBC and moved to ITV where she became Business Editor. There she broke stories on a wide range of subjects, mainly involving the often less-than-exemplary behaviour of banks, tax avoiders and energy companies. She also reported extensively on the role of British brands in Bangladesh in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster, and presented a major undercover investigation into that country’s garment trade for ITV.

In November 2013, it was announced that Laura would leave ITV to return to the BBC as Chief Correspondent and a presenter of Newsnight, replacing Gavin Esler in the latter role. She joined the Newsnight team in February 2014

As a speaker at Corporate and other Functions, Laura specialises in Business and Economics - not to mention her inside knowledge of Politics! - and she is also a superb Facilitator and Moderator. To book her for your Event, contact Prime Performers using the online booking enquiry form or, alternatively, call us on 020 7251 8222.