Katie-Jane L'Herpiniere

Katie-Jane L'Herpiniere

Katie-Jane L’Herpiniere is the first woman to walk the entire Great Wall of China from its most westerly terminus to its most easterly. This trek took six months and covered 3,000 miles. She is the first woman to complete a major crossing of the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap.

Katie-Jane is now an endurance athlete passionate about encouraging others to develop their own self-belief. Her insights have been hard-won. Katie-Jane cycled unsupported 3,200km across Europe in just 11 days. In 2018, Katie-Jane finished the inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race, an off-road bike race in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan now regarded as one of the toughest bike races on the planet. Katie-Jane was delighted to finish second woman across the line (particularly as two-thirds of the competitors did not finish and she was a newcomer to mountain biking). In the same year, Katie-Jane completed the gruelling 1911 Tour de France route in 23 days (widely regarded as the first modern Tour De France routes including both the Pyrennes and the Alps iconic mountain stages). She continues to look for fresh challenges that will take her out of her comfort zone. In 2019, Katie-Jane completed a solo traverse of Iceland trekking through breath-taking landscapes. 

Katie-Jane’s story is all the more inspiring because she left behind the fashion catwalk to take on challenging expeditions through tough terrains. Katie-Jane’s unique story is told with great humour and fantastic film footage and photographs. Her presentations is entertaining, moving, dramatic and awe-inspiring with key messages about change, challenge and above all, how we have hidden reserves of strength and potential to face fear and the toughest of tasks. 

Katie-Jane proves that we can face fear, doubt, exhaustion (and Nature at her worst) and yet still find the courage to take another step and reach seemingly impossible goals. 

Natural, vivacious, entertaining and charming, Katie brings alive the highs and the lows of her journey through remote, rural China and across the Patagonian Ice Cap. Katie’s story is delivered with good-natured humour and candid honesty and audiences enjoy hearing about her transformation from glamorous model to endurance athlete and adventurer and entrepreneur. 

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