Jez Rose

Jez Rose

Jez Rose is a consultant on the application of psychology. His experience in behavioural psychology has led him to develop innovative training methods for business, which focus on positive reinforcement and have far-reaching results in industry, on areas such as productivity, teamwork and customer service

He believes that the most important asset of any organisation is their people: "At the end of each working day, your employees go down the stairs and out of the door—that's your organisation leaving.  Your people are your organisation.  To have a high performing organisation, you have to believe this and you have to highlight positive behaviours."

His study in behavioural psychology has led him to work with and advise some of the world's largest organisations such as the BBC, HBOS and Pfizer, as well as separate work researching wolves and training domestic canines.  He is the Scientific Advisor to the Welfare Committee of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust and a Faculty Member of Unitron’s award-winning Unite University.  Most interestingly, his research into the behaviour of canines is inspiring new ways of thinking in business.

What does training animals have to do with training humans?  More than you may think!

The key to his success is the understanding that when trying to change behaviour, people perform better if they are willing partners, not obedient participants.  Jez realised quickly that if he was able to communicate effectively with canines who do not even share the same language, largely by an understanding of their behaviour and positive reinforcement of desired behaviours, much could be applied to his work with humans. To compliment his use of high-level psychology, his adept and natural use of humour engages, disarms and unites.

As one of the busiest specialist guest speakers in the UK, Jez Rose has built an impressive reputation inspiring and motivating people to use science-based, efficacious methods of positive reinforcement to improve the way they work and communicate.

He is the author of two best-selling books, is a magazine and newspaper columnist and regularly appears on television and radio.

Jez Rose is a specialist on positive reinforcement productivity, teamwork and customer service to have Jez speak at your event please contact a Prime Performers Booking Agent on 020 7251 8222 to discuss your requirements, or, alternatively, contact us via the online booking enquiry form.