Guy Browning

Guy Browning

Guy Browning is a great business communicator, one who not only has a thorough understanding of commercial issues but also a highly developed sense of humour. These two aspects might at first glance seem incompatible, but they are in fact inextricably linked to success.

Known as the "David Attenborough of the business jungle", Guy Browning created The Guardian's Office Politics and Relationship Maths columns and, appropriately, presented Guy Browning'sSmall Talk on BBC Radio 4. He is also one of the most compelling conference speakers, showing how people in every part of a company or other organisation can use intelligence, initiative and imagination to tackle core issues.

Originally an advertising copywriter, Guy's expertise lies in the use of creative communications to generate business success, something that he's keen to pass onto other business people. To do so, he runs Smokehouse, helping companies conceive innovative products, services and processes through new ways of communicating.

Guy is rated amongst the funniest After-dinner Speakers on the circuit. He slices straight through management clichés, reveals the true purpose of conferencing and offers some invaluable tips on how to scale the ladder of success (or climb the greasy pole, if you prefer!). They include: get yourself noticed by volunteering; steer well clear of meetings (just tell them you're in a meeting!); and, ignore all emails!

Guy's books include Weak At The Top (the uncensored diary of the last cave manager), Never Hit A Jellyfish With A Spade (how to survive life's smaller challenges) and Maps Of My Life, which he describes as being an autobiography without the bad bits. Guy has also brought a new approach to cinema, writing and directing his first film Tortoise In Love, a low budget romantic comedy financed by and starring locals from his own Oxfordshire village!

To book Guy for your Corporate event, or as an After-dinner Speaker, contact a Prime Performers Booking Agent via the online booking enquiry form or alternatively call 020 7251 8222.