George Galloway

George Galloway

George Galloway was born in 1954 in the industrial Scottish city of Dundee and presents The Mother of All Talk Shows on talkRADIO, which is broadcast on Friday evenings.

George engaged in politics very early in life and joined the Labour Party aged just 13 and by the age of 26, he became the youngest ever Chairman of the Labour Party in Scotland. Aged 14, he attended the famous Grosvenor Square demonstration against the Vietnam war in 1968, was active against the Greek Military Junta whilst still a schoolboy, and adopted the cause of Chilean refugees who were exiled by the military dictatorship of General Pinochet.

George became an activist against Apartheid in South Africa and witnessed first-hand the atrocities and absurdities of racial segregation. He was awarded Pakistan’s two highest civil awards, for his work for the restoration of democracy in Pakistan and the right of self-determination for Occupied Kashmir.

In 1987, George defeated the former Chancellor and Home Secretary Roy Jenkins in Glasgow Hillhead constituency and became a member of Parliament at the age of 32. Other than a two-year break, he remained in Parliament until 2015 and has represented Glasgow, the East End of London and Bradford West.

George’s political career is defined by his activism for social justice, anti-imperialist campaigning, fight against poverty, his support for Irish Unity, his activism against racism and Apartheid, his debates in Parliament, his public speaking, his opposition to the Iraq war and of course his fight for justice for the Palestinian people.

He took on the US senate and won. Over the decades, he has served four constituencies in two countries and won six elections.

George has vast experience of presenting and hosting both on television and radio. He is an exceptional orator to which even his fiercest adversaries have praised him for. One of his key speeches was in the USA Senate where George was front page headlines of the New York post " Brit fries Senators in oil" .

George has over one million followers around the world on social media and can speak on Politics, History, World Regional Affairs and is a superb after dinner speaker, keynote speaker and awards host.

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