Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch is an internationally acknowledged authority on sales, customers, leadership and change.

A best selling author and business guru, Geoff has been voted ‘Business Communicator of the Year’ by the UK Speechwriters’ Guild and is considered to be one of Europe’s most exciting and motivational business experts, working extensively with major global blue chip and FTSE 100 companies to inspire, motivate and inform their people. His entertaining, engaging and forthright presentations deliver powerful business principles and key ideas relevant to organizations of all sizes.

He contributes to, and presents on, TV and radio programmes, including starring in the popular ‘All Over the Shop’ series on BBC2 helping small businesses to survive and thrive, and is also a regular business presenter on BBC1.

Geoff’s popular titles include, ‘Resistance is Useless’, ‘Go It Alone’, ‘Writing on the Wall’, ‘The Way of the Dog’, ‘Irresistible Persuasion’, and his latest publication ‘Self Made Me’.

The Press referred to him as ‘The Hell’s Angel of Management Consultancy’ and ‘The World’s Most Persuasive Man’, Later magazine called him ‘Britain’s Toughest Business Guru’ and the Daily Mirror said ‘He makes selling a joy’.

Challenging, informative, relevant and amusing, Geoff is simply unforgettable.

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