Dr Kevin Jones

Dr Kevin Jones

As with appearances, so job titles can also be deceptive! After all, one might not consider that a Consultant Chest Physician and District AIDS physician at Lancashire's Bury General Hospital would be the first choice as an amusing After-dinner Speaker. But Dr Jones makes it patently (or should that be patient-ly) clear that even when it comes to illness and dying there is always a funny bone that can be extracted. And it should be noted that his carefully delivered 'black humour' has never offended.

Kevin is perhaps on a firmer, more traditional pitch - at least with respect to humour - as Medical Officer to Salford Rugby League Football Club and Huyton Rugby League FC. There is always a ready fund of funny stories to be had when attending to burly Rugby players, well-known of course for their own particular brand of humour, all-black or otherwise!

Dr Jones has been entertaining audiences with tales of medical practice - and how practice doesn't always make perfect - for over 15 years. He can speak at any type of dinner - all male, mixed, sporting or otherwise. To book him as an After-dinner Speaker for your event, contact Prime Performers now using our online booking enquiry form or, alternatively, call us on 020 7251 8222.

  • I was going to drop you a line. Kevin was fabulous, everyday attendees are still talking about him, he is a very funny man, what a good choice for our evening. I was very apprehensive as I had no idea what he was going to speak about. His first sentence was very funny when he said that he had treated David our MD for anorexia and he had done a good job, we laughed and laughed and he continued making us laugh throughout the duration. Thanks for the recommendation, brilliant.

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