Dominic Littlewood

Dominic Littlewood

A talented British television presenter / journalist specialising in consumer affairs, Dominic's TV resume includes Fake Britain, Cowboy Builders, The One Show, Don't Get Done, Get Dom, Saints & Scroungers, Beat the Burglar, How to Holiday, and Wrecks to Riches.

While running his own successful business, Dominic was spotted by Channel 4 and began working on the channel's consumer show Faking It, most notably undertaking the task of training a vicar to become a successful sales negotiator! This ultimately led to the creation of Wrong Car, Right Car (BBC 2), in which members of the general public were assisted in the buying and selling of cars at dealerships while wearing a hidden ear piece into which Dominic gave his instructions while filming.

A keen motorcyclist and also passionate about classic American cars, Dominic writes a monthly column for Top Gear magazine and the Motoring Section of The Telegraph, among other publications. He has also written a book entitled Don't Get Done, Get Dom, which gives insightful and helpful consumer advice.

Dominic has been a type 1 diabetic for 38 years and writes for the UK's leading diabetic magazine Balance. He has witnessed many changes in the NHS and medical procedures relating to his condition and regularly gives interesting talks on the subject.

During an around the world back-packing trip, Dominic broke his neck in an accident on a remote island in Australia. He had to make a gruelling 28 hour journey on his own to reach a hospital, where he underwent a spinal fusion of his C5 vertebrae, thankfully making a full recovery. In a less dangerous though in some ways an equally stressful assignment, Dominic threw caution (and sequins) to the wind when he took part in BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing (Series 7); despite openly admitting that dancing wasn't his strong point, he made it through to the sixth round.

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Due to his tenacity for tackling companies and cowboy trades people head on plus his passion for solving consumer problems he currently has one of the busiest schedules in TV. After investigating and reporting on many companies and rouge traders Dominic has an extensive knowledge on their tricks, scams & cons used each day by unscrupulous scam artists and he regally appears on TV to warn unsuspecting viewers about the perils. His programmes include Cowboy Builders (now in its 10th series), 'The One Show, since day one of launch, Don't get done, get Dom(currently in its 8th series), Saints & Scroungers, Fake Britain, Beat the Burglar, Wrong car, Right car, To Buy or Not to Buy, Flycatchers, How to Holiday, Wrecks to Riches and many more.

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