Captain Sean Chapple

Captain Sean Chapple

Through his career as a Royal Marine and polar adventurer, Captain Sean Chapple has led a number of major expeditions world-wide, inspiring those around him to push themselves to the limits of mental and physical endurance in order to achieve success.

In 2006, Sean planned and led one of the most arduous unassisted polar expeditions in history. Remarkably, he had just returned from leading another team to the North Pole earlier in the year. After hauling to the South Pole and raising the Union Flag, Sean and his team then retraced their steps, and in doing so completed the longest military overland journey across the Antarctic.

Committed to success, Sean continued to motivate and lead his team throughout the expedition, and through determination and exceptional teamwork they completed the gruelling 2,200 km journey in 71-days. Live updates broadcast direct from the ice-bound environment engaged a global audience, attracting international media interest and generating £2 million in advertising for the commercial backers of the expedition.

The factors that determine and drive this team spirit are highlighted by Sean in his hugely popular Motivational Speeches, in which he draws on his own valuable insights and experience to examine such factors as leadership, motivation, and critical decision making...factors that can make the difference between success and failure.

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