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  • Three Types of Comedy After Dinner Speakers

    2 March 2011

    Some will organise an event and want to have their guests in stitches of laughter; these people will therefore look to book comedy after dinner speakers. Everyone enjoys a good chuckle, which is why comedians make such popular after dinner speakers. People use different types of after dinner speaker...

  • Use Humour to Make Your Point!

    12 December 2008

    Some people believe that humour has no place in public life, but nothing could be further from the truth. Spicing up a serious topic with a well-timed anecdote will keep your audience riveted as opposed to asleep. Any expert can stand up and deliver the cold hard facts, but a great public speaker ke...

  • How Do We Speak?

    10 December 2008

    To most of us - thankfully unburdened by medical conditions such as MS - speech seems as easy and as natural as breathing. We think something and then say it. Sometimes, we even speak before thinking with hilarious/disastrous consequences. But the actual physical act of speaking itself is surprising...