Diversity and Mental Health Speakers to Engage and Inspire your Staff

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Nigel Owens
Nigel addressed the issue of Mental Health and his personal journey to wellbeing with delegates of a Keep Well Summit in Dublin.
The other speakers were good but Nigel’s speech was very powerful and potentially transformative. He engaged people mind, heart and soul in a very powerful way. It was relatable, practical and inspiring
Clarke & Carrie Carlisle
Joined a staff mental Health Awareness week lunchtime seminar. Speaking to staff about recognising mental health issues and how to help yourself and your partner/ work colleagues.
Our employees were blown away by the seminar and the quality of their presentation. We are all incredibly tired and emotional today, their visit has touched all of us and we feel like it has brought us closer together, it was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Charlie Martin
Charlie joined staff from a large multinational during mental health week, addressing a staff diversity day, with the theme of their day being Is diversity an Advantage?
Charlie was amazing, it all went really really well. So many people have approached me to say how amazing it was and how impressed and inspired they felt by Charlie’s speech. 
She had so many positive messages - a fascinating insight to an individual’s experience unlike anything I have ever heard before.
Lenny Henry
A diversity Q&A with Lenny for a legal practice with students from a struggling local school to discuss diversity.
People are still talking about it, and the teacher who came with the students told me that for at least 7 out of the 10, it would have changed their lives. 
He was just brilliant!

Colin Jackson
Talking about his own journey and inspiring male students from yr 7-11 at an Inspiring Boys Day - to learn about the importance of resilience in adversity and how to look after their mental health.
We cannot thank you enough for linking us up with Colin. Such an inspirational and lovely man - we could not have asked for a better role model for the boys. He totally exceeded all of our expectations and we would definitely love to host him again! I’ve never seen school children so engaged or asking so many questions!



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