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  • 3 Of The Most Unlikely Motivational Speakers

    3 Of The Most Unlikely Motivational Speakers

    11 June 2013

    At Prime Performers we are proud to offer such a wide scope of motivational speakers, ranging from politicians past and present, through to sporting legends. When you sit back and consider the variety of backgrounds that our speakers have, you realise that the circumstances of some individuals doe...

  • 5 Mustachioed Motivational Speakers for Movember

    5 Mustachioed Motivational Speakers for Movember

    2 November 2012

    Since 2004, men all over the world have been using the month of November for sprouting a moustache and raising awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. What started between a small network in Melbourne has evolved into a global movement and international phenomenon, known as 'Movember...

  • 5 of the World

    5 of the World

    26 October 2012

    It’s fair to say that there is good money on the after dinner speaking circuit if you can get it. Of course, the fee you command depends completely on your profile and demand. If you are, however, a billionaire entrepreneur, a former state leader (or the wife of one), then expect a few lucrat...

  • The Anniversary of Martin Luther King reminds us of the Power a Motivational Speaker can have

    17 January 2011

    Martin Luther King Jr. is widely regarded as the greatest motivational speaker of all time. This month marked the 82nd anniversary of the great civil rights leader’s birthday – offering a timely reminder of the powerful effect those with the gift of words can have in energising and inspi...

  • 5 Speeches They Wish They

    27 November 2008

    Enoch Powell: “Rivers of Blood” Arguably one of the most forcefully intellectual British politicians of the post-war era, Enoch Powell condemned himself to the margins of political life with this speech, which was given in near-obscurity to an audience in Birmingham in 1964 but has neve...