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In this month’s newsletter we’d like to bring to your attention three keynote speakers that have recently joined us; Adam Tuffnell, Martine Wright and Steve Gold. Along with a couple of more familiar faces, our highlighted speakers cover a diverse range of topics suited to a wide variety of events. Adam Tuffnell is also our guest on the Prime Performers blog this month, offering some insight on what it takes to survive on the open seas and the speaker’s circuit! We do hope you’ll take 5 minutes to have a read of Adam's interview.

Adam Tuffnell

Exclusive Prime Performers Interviewadam-tuffnell2

When it comes to motivating a team, you’d be hard pushed to find someone with more experience than Adam Tuffnell. Having sailed some of the most hostile environments on the planet, from the freezing Southern Ocean to the humid tropics, Adam has faced several life threatening disasters, including hurricanes, collisions, flooding and medical excavations. Yet he has managed to survive them all and loves to share his stories with audiences. Drawing upon his experiences, Adam delivers insightful presentations on the importance of teamwork and leadership, which transfers from the raging seas to the corporate office.

Martine Wright

martine-wright 7/7 is a date that sticks in our memories as one that changed not just individual lives, but the outlook of a whole nation. Martine Wright was one of those individuals who had their lives changed forever by 7/7, losing both her legs on the Circle Line bombing. Her story is one that makes us marvel at the strength of human character; rather than sink into self-pity, Martine set about rebuilding her life, undertaking a series of challenges such as learning to fly, skydiving and becoming a member of the British 2012 Paralympic Volleyball Team. A truly inspiring woman, who holds her audience spellbound as she tells her story.

Steve Gold

Thanks to a wide and varied career, Steve has established himself as an steve-goldinternationally renowned expert and commentator in the field of IT crime and cyber terrorism. Much of Steve’s knowledge comes from the 11 years he spent working for the NHS as a senior internal auditor and fraud investigator. Steve assisted and co-wrote later editions of Hackers Handbook – a seminal book which sold over 60,000 copies. He has also written freelance for a large number of titles, including the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and Micro Decision. If you are interested in hacking, cybercrime, malware, network security, biometrics or pretty much any cool tech that can be hacked, Steve is the speaker for you.

Jo Fairleyjo-fairley1

In 1991 Jo was eating dark chocolate at her husband’s desk when she had her ‘light bulb’ moment. With £20,000 from the sale of her flat Jo, and her new husband Craig Sams, opened an organic chocolate business. Green & Blacks grew quickly into a hugely successful business and by 2005 they sold the company to Cadbury’s. Not one to rest on her laurels, Jo has gone on to buy a bakery, which she made organic, as well as opening a wellbeing centre with nine rooms and 40 therapists, a Pilates studio and a yoga studio. Jo is a truly inspirational speaker and entrepreneur, offering great insight into what it takes to create, launch and grow a brand.

David Coulthard

david-coultard F1 drivers are some of the most highly conditioned sportsmen on earth, requiring excellent levels of fitness and stamina. Drawing upon a successful career as one of Britain’s top F1 drivers, David offers great insight into the challenges met in the world’s premier motor sport and the strengths required to succeed. Now an F1 commentator, often working alongside Eddie Jordan, David shares his experiences from both sides of the track and has established himself as a popular motivational, teamwork and leadership speaker. His television work means that David is at ease in front of large audiences and you can be sure of a truly charming guest for your corporate event.



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