Rory Bremner - Making An Impression

Posted on 24 October 2011 by Default Admin

rory-bremner-speakingRory Bremner is one of British comedy’s most recognisable figures and one of the most versatile impressionists in the UK. He has appeared in such programs like Bremner, Bird and Fortune as well as contributing to Spitting Image during its heyday. His impressions are so accurate that he managed to trick Margaret Beckett into thinking he was Gordon Brown over a phone call! He is seldom away from our television screens and often appears in one-off television specials parodying various public figures. His satire is razor sharp and he has been nominated for and received numerous awards. He was a regular panellist on the hugely successful BBC program Mock The Week and was intrinsic in making the show the hit it is today. Whilst everyone knows Rory Bremner for his incredibly accurate impressions, what many people don’t know is that he is also very influential in both the theatre and the opera world. He has translated and produced two operas and a play by Bertolt Brecht into English which were all well received by critics. Bremner is fluent in French, German and Spanish and is currently learning to speak Russian. Bremner also starred as a contestant in BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing in 2011. Rory Bremner is a fantastic speaker; he has made his entire career around it. As a result he is perfect for corporate events and after dinner speeches. And with Bremner you don’t just get one person - you get an entire plethora of characters who are brought to life by his incredible vocal abilities and wit. Photo credit:



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