BJ Cunningham

BJ Cunningham

BJ Cunningham started his first business enterprise back in the 1980s, importing classic cars and Harley Davidsons from Los Angeles to London. When the market for vintage cars and luxury motorbikes collapsed in the early 1990s, BJ used his life savings to found the Enlightened Tobacco Company, manufacturing 'Death' brand Cigarettes.

The 'additive-free' cigarettes traded on an ingenious and marketing campaign, aimed as to the “young underground punk rock” consumer market and positioned as 'the honest smoke'. The novel brand gained a strong foothold in the market, but the company closed in the late 1990s after a pending parliamentary bill restricting tobacco advertising and a trademark lawsuit brought by a drinks company with a similar name.

Undaunted and with a growing reputation for challenging norms, BJ set up a brand marketing agency and built up an impressive client list, including Volkswagen, B&Q and Nokia. Having sold the company and proved his credentials as a true serial entrepreneur, he now runs the luxury shoe designer Georgina Goodman as well as sitting on the Council of Business Superbrands.

With his vast experience and knowledge of marketing luxury goods, BJ travels the world giving inspiring keynote presentations. He believes that whilst customers are magnetised towards 'need' over 'want', genuine premium will remain resilient throughout downturns and recessions. This has proved to be the case in the current economic market, with loyalty to luxury brands showing itself to be a long-term relationship.

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