Alan Davies

Alan Davies

Alan is a highly popular stand-up comedian, writer and actor, best known for playing the title role in the BBC TV mystery drama series Jonathan Creek, as well appearing as the permanent panellist on the BBC panel show QI.

Like many other leading British comedians, Alan achieved his big break in comedy at the Edinburgh Festival, winning the 1994 Edinburgh Festival Critics Award for Comedy. Stand-up continues to play an important part in Alan's career, touring throughout the country in the sell-out shows Life is Pain (2012) and Little Victories (2015).

Playing the title role in Jonathan Creek during the series' long run on BBC1 allowed Alan scope to explore his talent as a serious actor, and in the process he made the quirky, magic conjuring, crime-solving eponymous character his own. It also brought Alan to well-deserved mainstream attention. The series, which ran from 1997 and 2004 - with several one-off specials since then - was brilliantly written by David Renwick and won a BAFTA for Best Drama in 1998.

Now a mainstay of the long running comedy trivia quiz show QI, Alan is the much maligned team captain, alongside host Stephen Fry and a myriad of guest stars. Beginning in 2003, the Award-winning show is now in its 12th series and its huge popularity undoubtedly means there will be many more series to come. Several books, DVDs and other tie-ins to the show have been released, and international versions of have been made in other countries.

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